About Cyder Defence


Cybercrime is moving from annoying server crashes or big corporation targeting to small businesses and direct user hacks. Cyber defence used to be a concern for large companies and government agencies, not the average person. But now there is a new breed of hackers who targets an individual’s smartphone, credit card payments, and personal data stored by small to medium-sized companies.

Cyber defence is all about giving an entity the ability to thwart cyberattacks on the go through cyber security. It involves all processes and practices that will defend a network, its data, and nodes from unauthorized access or manipulation. The most common cyber defence activities will include:

  • Installing or maintaining hardware and software infrastructure that deters hackers
  • Analyzing, identifying and patching system vulnerabilities
  • Real time implementation of solutions aimed at diffusing zero-hour attacks
  • Recovering from partially or fully successful cyber attacks
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