Cyber Defence By Iain White

The term cyber defence’ refers to the ability to prevent cyber attacks from infecting a computer system or device. It involves taking active steps to anticipate adversarial cyber actions and to counter intrusions. All cyber defence strategies and tactics have a common goal, which is to prevent, disrupt and respond to cyber threats. 

Why is cyber defence necessary?

Taking a proactive approach to cyber security will enable you to avoid damaging and disruptive cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks may not only tax your IT resources, they can also be taxing financially, lead to a tarnished brand image, and result in legal consequences. 

Organizations that reach a certain threshold with their cyber defence will be able to conduct business-as-usual while facing persistent threats and sophisticated attacks. The continued business functionality will strengthen customer trust and improve shareholder value. Strong cyber defence tactics, when properly conveyed to others, can even open up new revenue opportunities for an organization. 

 For every organization these days, cyber defence is a must.  
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